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In some other life, I am a microbiologist. In the life that I didn’t take that chemistry class with Mr. Walker— a teacher with the singular gift of making science the most boring subject in the world (sorry for calling you out Mr. Walker). In the life where I didn’t have kids so young, didn’t decide I would be better off as a human resource manager, then a teacher, now a writer.
But, I’m glad I don’t live that other life. I would not give up any of the experiences I have now— the ones that I pour into my stories. Besides, if I really want to be a microbiologist, I can just write about one.

The other things you need to know about me (the me in this life, not the other):

1.) I do not believe in favorites. So please do not ask me what my favorite book is. That would be like asking me to choose which one tooth I want to keep. I read across all genres, but young adult contemporary and sci-fi are my go-to’s. There is just something about that short period between adolescence and adulthood that makes it intense and compelling— that could make one high school science class determine the entire trajectory of your life. (Oh, and check me out on Good Reads here, to see what I am reading now!)

2.) OK, I do have one favorite: science-fiction anything. (Fun fact: The term “genetic engineering” was first coined by Jack Williamson in his science fiction novel Dragon’s Island. Visit my Scarlet Tanager page to find out why this is relevant.) As a science-fiction fan, I do feel compelled to assign myself into one of the cliché camps. So I hereby declare that I am more of a Trekkie than a Warsie, but I have a deep appreciation for the force. (And, in case you are wondering: Janeway, Picard, and Kirk. In that order).

What else do you want to know?

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